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What Makes Surgical Hand Piece Servicing Over 48 Hour Timeframes Possible

In the medical services industry, the need to keep up with no more than a 48 hour turnaround production time is critical. This is because surgical handpiece repair and servicing is indirectly responding to life and death situations on behalf of both medical doctors and their patients. Due to its extensive use in surgery, doctors’ surgical hand piece instruments can very well break or break down. It is not always easy and certainly not cost effective for doctors in private practice to simply re-stock their surgeries with new instruments.   

What makes the quick repair or maintenance of critical surgical hand pieces possible is the extensive experience and qualified training that repair and maintenance technicians have. The knowledge, expertise and skill sets are all product specific, always with technical experience in other areas wide of the health services industry. For instance, camera repair work conducted elsewhere comes to good use when having to conduct a servicing of a medical practitioner’s much used endoscope. The 48 hour timeframe is standard business practice in an era where 24 hour (and less) timeframes are being demanded.

surgical handpiece repair

But to be reasonable to this profession, the work is intricate and should never be rushed, just as much as a doctor can never rush through a surgical procedure. It is always a life and death matter, no matter how serious or mild a patient’s condition is. So, given the accurate and precise work being carried out, being able to service the medical professions and their patients in no less than two working days is reasonable and still pleasing. You can also be assured that weekend or overtime work will be processed due to the critical nature of health services related work.

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